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My multi-ethnic nieces are one of the main inspirations for founding a natural hair care brand. I felt summoned to become involved to help their Mothers with the challenges to tame their frizzy manes with the intent to encourage my nieces to love their curly coily hair.

Daily upkeep of natural tresses can often become a stressor in the household. Children are often left to think something is wrong with their hair, asking themselves why are all things pertaining to their hair such a big deal?

The issues you’re having with your kids curls and coils need to be addressed and although visibility has exponentially increased around natural hair care, there are still opportunities to educate, and advocate ultimately producing a priceless byproduct of self-love and confidence.

Our mission is to help consumers with afro hair-types to have better experiences through educational consultations, premium products, and community advocacy.

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Chances are your friends, co-workers, and foes with Afro textured hair have not cut their hair.

​Although for energy preservation, I've started to answer with one word. (insert eye-roll).

The issue is this, asking the question “Did you cut your hair?” often has underlying context in effort to disguise the sheer curiosity Afro textured hair and its versatility often piques.

Instead of asking the dreaded question, I suggest offering a compliment, or just keep the flow going and find something else to talk about. If you have questions, find appropriate opportunities to discuss, self-study, utilize resources like (Google🤷🏾‍♀️) to prevent awkward conversations.

As a disclaimer, the intention behind this message is to remind us all to be mindful, and compassionate of others.
Be observant, pay real attention to the person you're talking to especially when the conversation is around personal appearance with an emphasis on Afro textured hair.

Here's the raw truth.
Your friends, co-workers and foes are likely exhausted from answering the dreaded question "Did you cut your hair?" every time they wear a different style. They are tired of being singled out every time they attempt to answer or explain what they've done to style their hair.

Here are a few take-a-ways:
Afro textured hair is very versatile, but usually when braids and long styles are changed to shorter looks, it is exactly what it is so please please please stop asking.

Search engines like Google are great resources, but most important and when appropriate (not usually during generic small-talk), have real conversations with your close friends and people you really care about.

Be genuine and the rest will be a great time.

With all the love,

Sharrelle Fisher

Founder of the Selfie Stylist Co.